Wednesday, 10 October 2012

SR-71A Black Bird Quick Build

When I was a teenager, I built a 1/72nd scale model of the SR-71 Black Bird. At the time, this was my pride and joy, which took pride of place on my shelf. But over the years, the Black Bird disappeared and was long forgotten until recently.

This was when I promised myself that I would buy another Black Bird kit to replace the long gone model I had many years ago. So whilst at the Brampton Show a couple of weeks ago, I saw several kits of the Black Bird. One was the Testors 1/48th scale kit, very tempting and large. The other was the re-released Academy kit in 1/72nd scale. I opted for the Academy kit and money changed hands, result a smile on my face!

Last week, I realised I could use this kit for this months club competition entry and it will be a quick model to build. So work has started and all of the main construction is done. I am now at the stage to start priming and painting the fuselage. So here is a quick photo of where the Black Bird is so far.


  1. ..interested to see how you rate this one Mick, I'm also looking to add a Blackbird to the shelf...

  2. Hi Falke

    The kit so far has gone together without any problems so far. There was hardly any issues with joints, as the lower fuselage section sits inside the upper section. The cockpit interior is basic, just seats and decals for the dash and control panels.

    Now I have painted the fuselage and gave it a coat of gloss clear ready to start doing the decals tonight. Last night, I started to sort out the ejector pin marks on the undercarriage doors. Filled the marks with some Green Putty and left it overnight.

    I believe this is a re-release kit from Academy, the box has 1985 on the copyright details. So if the tooling is nearly thirty years old, there is no issues of wear and tear with them.

    I'll take some more photos once the decals are done on the fuselage.