Friday, 7 December 2012

P-47M Thunderbolt "Wolfpack" WIP #04

Now that my StuG III diorama is finished, it was time to finish off one of my many other ongoing projects. A few of them are ones that will take some time to finish them due to the nature of the builds. So I have decided to dig out the P-47 for working on at home as the main work to be done at the minute is painting.

So, over the last few nights, I have been spraying some Alclad on the underside of the fuselage before masking it off along with the wings to spray them with some Gloss Black. The actual aircraft was painted in Matt Black, but I used the Gloss just for laying the decals on it before finishing it off with some Matt Varnish. The tail and the engine covers still need to have some Red airbrushed on them before I start on the decals. There is also a few other items that need painting first before I fix the wings into place on the fuselage and start adding decals. 

Hopefully there will be a good bit of progress on the Thunderbolt over the weekend so I can be ready for detailing things next week.

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