Saturday, 15 December 2012

StuG III Diorama Finished

I took some photo's of the StuG III dio the other night for my website. As I still need to finish off the webpage for this, here are a few photo's that will be going up on the website in the next few as a taster.

I will post on here when the page is done.


  1. Nice model but the guy handing in the shell one handed. He'd have to be superman as they are damned heavy


    1. Hi Derek

      Thank you for your comment.

      I know it looks like that from this photo, but his left hand is around the back cradling the shell. You'll see better when the full set of photos are uploaded onto my website later this week.

      It was annoying that when I assembled the figure, I positioned the arms just right for holding the shell. After painting them, the shell would not go back into the same position which caused me to say a few nasty words!

      But that's model building for you!