Sunday, 2 December 2012

StuG III WIP #12

This is a busy time of the year for me. I have the Nationals at Telford, several birthdays including my own and my wedding anniversary all within a few weeks. So modelling has suffered a little this month. 

One good thing about going to Telford, was the chance to get hold of some clutter to go onto my StuG III model. I picked up some sets from Value Gear which are very good. Also I came across some nice little cheap sets from a company called KV Model. They do a variety of crates, bags, drums and other unusual items, like chopped logs with tree stumps.

So, back to the StuG's progress. Now that I have the various bags, crates and tarps, painting started on these items. I was quite pleased how they came out in the end after doing a black wash to tone them down. Sorry for the photo quality, they were quickly taken the other day on my phone.

I have now added some lumps of mud onto the hull of the StuG prior to giving it a go over with the airbrush. One of the ways I make my mud, is by mixing some scenic scatter in with some paint and apply the lumps whilst wet. These are left overnight to dry in place before weathering with the same colour through the airbrush.

Here I was playing around with the positioning of the bags and crates to where the figures will be standing. These are not the final placing for the clutter, but they have been glued in place since this photo was taken. 

The next update on this project will be when it is finished. So far the figures are painted and more weathering has been done to the StuG. Now I just need to finish off a few bits and pieces on the tank and dio base, then it will be done. 

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