Tuesday, 15 January 2013

96 Chevrolet Blazer WIP #2

Well, it has been a surprise how quick things have progressed on the Blazer, I should have got this out of the box and finished it ages ago. So, it is now a week since I re-started this project and in my calculation, I am over 90% done. This is just a quick finish project, so no extra detailing, etc. is going to be done, just muddy it up a bit. So this is it as of last night.

I finished painting the dashboard then fitted the dials and clear cover for them. Once the steering column was glued in place and dried, the whole dash assembly was glued into position to the interior tub. 

I told my mate Richard, I was going to weather this one up and said not to. There was a cry of "NNOOOO!!!" when I forward this photo to him. Richard, there's more mud to come yet!

Here is the body being test fitted to the chassis to see how it all sits. There is a very slight twist in the chassis, but nothing to worry about. I do not think it is really noticeable, bu if it is, I will just put it down to "driver's side suspension sag"!

Now, all that is left to be done is to paint the spare wheel rack, front grill guard, roof bars and engine the remaining engine parts. 

Then "MORE MUD"!

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