Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A Happy and Prosperous New Year

So here we are, the 1st January 2013. Some will be nursing their sore heads and bad stomachs, thinking to themselves "Why did I over do it last night?".

Now it is time to start thinking about your plans for the next year! 

Well, apart from the usual thinks that the wife has planned for me, like DIY, etc. It is time to look at what is sitting in my stalled modelling projects along with the current ones. My P-47M Thunderbolt has progressed at a surprising rate over the last couple of weeks. I see this being completed over the next two weeks as long as everything goes to plan with it. Project update to follow this posting.

There are several stalled projects sitting on the shelf. My 1/72nd scale A-10 is at the painting stage now after there was no progress for about two years on it. So this will be a candidate for completion over the next few months. My 1/48th scale Tomcat, there is no rush with that for now. The model is fairly large when built and there would be a storage/displaying issue with it. Damn, I have a 1/32nd scale one to! Onto my Achilles project now. That's on a stop whilst I finish off some of the other projects, plus I need to do some modification work for the resin engine installation and I am not looking forwards to building the tracks up. I think I will save them for when I need some therapy!

Now there are a few car projects on the shelf. One is the Vauxhall Monaro conversion I am doing. I need to find all of my sketches and measurements I did a few years back for it. So I am stuck for now with this one. My Jaguar XJ-R8 LM needs the body rubbing down and re-painting before creating my own decals for it. The Chevy Blazer needs to be re-painted after the original paint job went wrong. The 53 Ford F100 Pick Up has to have the front suspension changed, engine mounts made along with chassis, interior and bodywork done. Finally onto the 53 Chevy BelAir custom. I have to change the rear axle on this after the original one was weakened after the modification work was done to it. Some interior work needs completing as well as some bodywork. This project is on the list to be finished this year along with the Jaguar XJ-R8 LM and the Chevy Blazer.

Onto new projects for this year. I brought two more Airfix Canberra PR9's to complete the trio of 39 Sqdn aircraft. These are on the cards for starting this year for a display. I have now got the last few years Airfix Club year kits, I must get around to building a few of these this year as there is another one on its way very soon. On the car side of modelling, there are a couple of Chevy panel vans in my pile of kits. My plan is to build one of them as the works van for my "Mad Dog Customs" workshop. The idea is to build a workshop display for shows and have a completed model with the ongoing projects in it. The van will sit just nicely in the display. Armour projects, have not decided on them. But as you all know, things just don't always go to plan.

So, what is on your "To Do" modelling list for the new year?

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