Thursday, 31 January 2013

Airfix's Curtis Helldiver WIP #1

 When I brought this kit, I was hoping it was a more recent tooling from Airfix, but this was dashed when I saw it was from the 1960's. I must say, this kit is a bit crude with its raised panel lines, lack of interior detail and misaligning fuselage joints. Even the folding wings had big gaps whether they were folded or in the down position. Hence why I only do a little bit of work on this model at a time.

The time span for this project so far must be heading for eighteen months, I have to force myself to do things on it. When I assembled the fuselage, it was time to get the "Green Stuff" out to match up the two halves where they joined. As well as the height difference, there was plenty of gaps that needed to be filled around the cockpit and wing sections. My original plan, was to build this model with the wings folded, but due to the lack of detail and the gaps on the horrible hinges, I opted to have the wings down making it easier to clean up the joints. So, I now are close to painting the model and the fuselage is now in primer. There is just a few little bits to clean up and spray with primer, then I can start on some colour. Hopefully, I will end up with a reasonable model when finished!

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