Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Airfix's Curtis Helldiver WIP #2

Well, it is amazing what a bit of paint can do to transform a bad kit!

Over the last couple of days, I have finally got some paint onto the Helldiver. This might not end up being too bad a model when finished after a little bit of weathering. I used the same three colours as were used on my Hellcat, Mr Hobby's H316 USN White,  H56 Intermediate Blue and H54 Navy Blue. First the White went down and then masked with some Blutac and tape before blowing over with the Intermediate Blue. After leaving overnight, I masked in the same method before spraying the Navy Blue. Once dry, the masking was removed before hand painting the Interior Green in the cockpit, bomb bay and undercarriage bays.

Now I am going to start on the remaining parts to get them painted before I clear the fuselage for the decals. I have now decided to get this one finished as it has been sitting around for long enough. So onwards with the Helldiver.

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