Wednesday, 6 February 2013

"End Of An Era" XH134 WIP #3

Halfway through another week and work has continued slowly on what is now four projects, the two Canberra's, the Helldiver and one which will be revealed at a later date.

Now back to XH134. In the last post on this project, the main fuselage was ready for painting. Before the main colours went down, I pre-shaded the panel lines on the model to save me the task of doing it after painting. For this I use a fairly thin dirty black colour mixed from some Tamiya paints. The first colour to go down was the grey on the tail, I was going to use Xtracrylix XA1003 Medium Sea Grey, but I did not have this in my stock. So the match I had was Tamiya's XF-53 Neutral Grey and a couple of light coats then left to dry before masking. Next, the underside was painted using Xtracrylix XA1015 Light Aircraft Grey in a few light coats. All of the flaps and undercarriage bay doors all received a couple of coats of the same colour to.

The next stage will be to mask up the fuselage for spraying the RAF Hemp colour then this will be followed by masking the areas around the undercarriage bays and flaps for painting the white. And this is the progress on the Canberra for now.

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