Monday, 4 February 2013

"End Of An Era" XH135 Revamp

When I first built this model, there was a couple of mistakes that were made when I built it and one thing I was not happy with. The thing I was not happy with was the aerial. For this I used a length of wire which I could not get taut and it kept wobbling about. The first mistake I made was to not put enough nose weight in the model, hence using the tail support on the model. The second and biggest mistake, was to position all of the control surfaces in various positions. I later found out these all self central themselves when not in use.

So, when I started the "End Of An Era" project with the next two aircraft, I decided to do a little revamp of XH135 and correct the mistakes or improve on them. After carefully removing the cockpit canopy, it was cleaned up and had the paint touched up on it. Next, I remove the wire used for the aerial and replaced it with some invisible smoke thread. This is much thinner then the wire and I could get it taut, resulting with a much improved look.

The plastic tail support prop had been repaired a couple of times over the last couple of years, in truth, it was not strong enough for the job. So, I cut the base off and made a new prop up from a length of brass tube and rod. A hole was cut in the base then the tube was glued into that. The rod was cut longer then needed and glued inside the tube and then cut so it went at least 5-10 mm inside the fuselage. Once painted, this was glued in position in the tail of the fuselage and left to dry.

The final thing to sort out was the control surfaces. I could not remove them from the model without damaging it, so I needed to come up with another plan. I had some etched ladders for the Canberra's, so I decided to add some figures to the model. I had some Hasegawa US Pilot and Ground Crew figures, so a couple of these were altered to fit inside the cockpit and stand on the ladder. Another figure has also been done that will be checking the flaps on the model once the base is done. 

Now here are a few photos of the improvements I have made to the Canberra XH135.


  1. Hi Mick
    Thanks for the link to your site. Some nice modelling. The wife is probably right that you spend to much time in there.

  2. Hi Les

    I think she rather have me up here out of the way then under her feet when she doing things or watching her soaps. It's the best way for me to relax from the trouble of work.

    It was great catching up over the weekend and meeting Jaqueline, loved the Apple Crumble, I need her recipe for it! Will visit again when you are around Leighton Buzzard area and will bring the family this time. I'm off work for the week starting the 18th Feb for half term, so it may be during that week.