Friday, 22 March 2013

"End Of An Era" XH131 WIP #3

The last two weeks things have been a little slow on the modelling side of things, some family matters have cropped up and had to take priority. Now these have quietened down, the model building can now start to catch up. I was hoping to have XH131 nearing completion for the East Midlands Model Show, but this has not happened as can be seen. But paint made its appearance on her over the last two weeks, slowly!

As this aircraft of the three was to be in the state as she returned from Afghanistan with the ARTF paint worn away in places on the wings and around the nose. First I sprayed some of the RAF Light Aircraft Grey on the underside and then some RAF Hemp on the top and underside leading edges. On the areas of these colours that will exposed by the worn ARTF paint, I masked them using some Micro Mask. The model finally received a couple of coats of RAF Barley Grey for the ARTF paint. 

Once this has dried overnight, it's time for the therapy session! This consists of taking short lengths of masking tape, then stick it over the areas with the Micro Mask on it. As you pull it off the model, the Micro Mask sticks to the tape and lifts away from the model, thus revealing the colours underneath. Then after you have done this, you feel relaxed and stress free!

So here are a few photos to show what this method looks like done. There is still some weathering to be done on this before it is finished.

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