Saturday, 27 April 2013

2007 Nissan R35 GT-R WIP #2

Guess what? Work has progressed on the GT-R since the last posting on this project. As you can see, the body colour of Tamiya's Metallic Blue has gone down on the body last week. I think this is a great colour for this car, at model shows you mainly see these in black and various shades of silver. I have seen one in a dark Metallic Red once and that look very nice.

This is waiting to be cleared at the minute, but when I painted the bonnet, two scratches and a mark appeared that were not visible when in just primer. I started to rub it down earlier today to find the mark, which is a curved line on the front left hand corner is in the plastic itself. So, the bonnet is being stripped at the minute to be re-primered and sprayed before clearing the whole car. Once the clear coat is finished, further detail painting can be done before final assembly.


  1. Very nice details I like engine , also colour looks very good I am fan of red R35.
    Waiting for next update

  2. Thanks Lukas

    I wanted to get a R35 kit with the engine, just having the upper detail spoils it a little.

    I rubbed down the bonnet yesterday and re-primed it, the mark were defiantly caused by a floor in the plastic. So far, there has been no re-appearance of the marks yet. Will re-spray the body colour later today. Hope to clear her in the next couple of days now.