Friday, 5 April 2013

"End Of An Era" Dio WIP #1

Now I am heading into the final stages of this project that first raised its head two years ago. It started with the model of XH135 and the research I did whilst building it. From there, the idea developed to build all three aircraft in a display.

Now that the final aircraft has been built, work can be diverted onto the base for the aircraft for displaying at model shows. This has been routed out from a sheet of MDF and is 100cm long. I will paint the front to represent concrete sections of the taxiway and the standing area for the aircraft will be tarmac.  The back edge will have a grass border curving around one end of the base.

To finish the aircraft, XH135 needs to have the FOD Guard made up, painted and glued into position on her. XH134 and XH131 still need the ladders made for them along with two crew figures for XH134. A few more figures representing ground crew, etc. still need painting for placing on the base doing various jobs. Final detailing on the vehicles still need doing along with some cables and hoses lying around the aircraft.

Further photos will be posted as work progresses over the next couple of weeks, my target is to complete this before the club's show on the 21st April.

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