Friday, 5 April 2013

"End Of An Era" XH131 WIP #5

The end is nigh for XH131. Construction, painting and weathering has come to an end with only the pilots ladder left to be made and added to the model.

Final construction was the same as XH134, some extra weight added to the forward disused camera bay using some fishing weights. The weathering was done firstly with some oil paints for the streaked marks, followed by a light dusting with my dark dirt mix through the airbrush. The FOD Guards are from the etched ladder set from Flightpath, which contains two ladders for PR9's and B[I]8's, two steps for B2's and three FOD Guards sets to fit a PR9, B[I]8 and B2.

Now there are two PR9's, a B[I]8 and B2 all in 1/48th scale sitting in my stockpile waiting to be started at some point in time! Oh yes, and an old Matchbox PR9 (just re-released by Revell) in there to.

More photos of XH131 will now appear on the new postings under the heading of "End Of An Era" Dio.

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