Saturday, 27 April 2013

Jaguar XJR8-LM WIP #1

This is a project that has been sitting on the shelf for about 18 months now waiting for me to finish it off. So I decided a couple of days ago to get the box off the shelf this weekend and see what was to try and finish it off. The kit is a Hasegawa Jaguar XJR8 LM in the TWR Silk Cut colours of the cars raced in the Le Man 24 Hour of 1987. I was originally going to build this car as one of the Le Man cars, but the decals broke up as I used them. I managed to get hold of a replacement sheet, but that had the same problem to. So I chose to paint it in my own scheme instead.

This kit is a basic model and initially does not take long to build, the time consuming part of the build would be adding the decals. The chassis was completed when I first started to build this model a couple of years ago. This consist of the floor, four wheels, the cockpit, exhausts and a radiator, with no engine detail at all. The bodyshell is one piece with a choice of different vents depending on which model you are building. This at the minute is in white primer ready to be painted. I was thinking about painting it in a similar scheme to the TWR one that was on the Jaguar XJ-S racing cars, but I decided not to do this. After a bit of toying with different ideas, I have decided to go with a Metallic Green which my old Vauxhall Carlton I owned about ten years ago was in, I still have some aerosol of the touch-up paint left. 

I will see what decals from the sheet can be salvaged and try to use some of the Jaguar symbols and markings from them, or try and see if I can find any from the next show I am at. So here are some photos to wet your taste buds for now.

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