Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Jaguar XJR8-LM WIP #2

Well, I have decided to make a push on this build, it has been sitting there longer then the GT-R and there is minimal work to be done on it to finish the model. On Saturday afternoon, I got the base colour of Emerald Green sprayed and was very happy with the end colour. In my honest opinion, it looks just like a colour that could have been used on one of any Jaguar racing car back then. So I am glad I kept tht can of spray all these years!

After leaving the body to dry over night, I looked at the decal sheets for the Silk Cut scheme to work out what were in a condition good enough to use and which ones would work on the car. The original sheet that came with the kit looked like they are beyond use, you can see the cracks in the decals. So I took the replacement sheet and painted some Microscale Liquid Decal Film over the decals I was planning to use and hoped that they would not break up like the large one I had used from the sheet did a couple of years ago. To my relief, the first couple I tried held together and I continued with a few more until calling it a night.

Monday evening, I continued using these decals and also dig through my left over ones from other models. I had a Italeri truck accessory decal sheet which had some sport themed decals on, so a few were taken from that and added to the body. Next, I needed a couple of racing numbers. There was none in my folder, but on a sheet of left-overs from my 1/48th Hellcat, there was two large number 32's and four small ones. These were ideal for my plans so got added onto the body to finish it off. Once these were all dry, I gave the body a few coats of Halfords clear lacquer to finish off the nights work. Prior to writing this tonight, I checked out the body and the clear lacquer has really brought out the colour. The next update will be the finished model.

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