Friday, 17 May 2013

2007 Nissan R35 GT-R Finished (well, kind of!)

I managed to do it, get it done before the weekend was over.

This has been one of my quickest builds for a while, and a pleasure to do. The GT-R is in a word finished, it is just the wheel colour I have not made up my mind on yet. For now, the rims have been left in the silver colour that they came out of the box. I cannot decide on whether to leave them in this silver or paint them in one of the Alclad shades like Magnesium or Steel. In photos of the real car in similar shades of blue like this model, they tend to have darker wheel rims on them and not a bright silver like this. So I am toing and throwing between keeping the rims silver or spraying them a darker shade. Until the decision has been made, I will leave them without the decals added to the wheel centres and do it once I have made my choice.

A little leap back to the last posting on this project and the problem of the front bumper. I managed to sort this out by just using a few strips of plasticard. A thick piece was glued to the bumper just below the position of the tab on the bodyshell where the bumper is meant to be glued to. Once this was dry, I then used a strip of thinner plasticard and first glued it to bodyshell, then to the piece on the bumper. Afterwards, I glued another strip of thin plasticard over the other piece to strengthen it. This seems to have worked okay so far and is holding its position.

Now this is finished, it is time to start thinking about the next new car project. I have dug out the 53 BelAir custom I started a couple of years ago. I will post about this project next.  But the choice on what new one to start, this is the problem. Whilst getting towards the end of this project, I felt tempted to start on my Lancer Evo X that I got 18 months ago, but there is also the 1/16th scale Ferrari F40 Blackstar that keeps drawing my attention. Another one that keeps popping into my head is the 1/16th scale Chevy Nomad (old AMT/Matchbox kit), then there is another one of my kits I start to think about. That is the trouble when you have a big stock of un-made kits, which one to do next. A long hard think is needed!

Well, back to the GT-R. Below are a few photos that were taken on my phone for quickness. They are not the best quality, but I need to set aside a day to take a load of photos of the finished models that are not on my website yet. Oh yes, it is worth the extra cost of the kit to have the engine in it!

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