Saturday, 11 May 2013

Jaguar XJR8-LM Finished

I did it, got it finished for the Automodellismo show last Sunday.

After having this model sitting in a box for nearly two years part built and only needing the body to be painted and finished, I should have done this earlier then now. It has surprised me how the finished model has turned out, especially with using some salvaged decals from the kit and others from the folder containing left over decals from other models. I am very happy with the finished model.

Last Sunday was its first outing and it was on the club stand, with comments coming across from a few visitors to the stand like "I remember seeing that scheme!" and "These colours always looked great on the Jags!". You can imagine their faces when I tell them this scheme never existed on the Jaguar XJR8's, as they say, priceless! It is a shame that this kit does not come with an engine supplied with it, think this might call for getting the Tamiya XJR9 kit!

Well, here are a few quick photos of the finished model, I need to set aside a day for taking some photos of the finished models I have done over the last year that still need to be done for my website. Once the R35 GT-R is finished, this photo session will have to be sorted out!

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