Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Slow Progress!

Hi All out there in Bloggerland.

Well, thanks to work causing me to have a several late finishes over the last couple of weeks, progress on the Mercedes Benz G4 has been a little slower then I planned. But it is getting there!

So far, the chassis has been built and painted, just sprayed some gloss clear on the fenders tonight and some heat staining on the exhaust. The engine is done and will be fitted to the chassis once the clear has been given a couple of days to harden up. Building wise, I must have about 80% of it done now, it is mainly the smaller detailing bits left to do once the painting is done. The body needs the interior floor painted before the exterior can be sprayed and cleared. I have chose to go with the gloss black finish in the options, it's more impressive I think and would be a higher ranking officers car to. So far a few little niggles with the kit, these will be addressed in the magazine review once the model is finished. I will post a couple of photos of the completed model here when it is done.

Now onto what else I am doing. I realised that the 53 Chevy was going to be a little awkward to work on in the lorry cab each day, so first I was taking the Hasegawa 1/32nd scale FW190 with me to work, but this did not get started on. So on Sunday evening, I decide to change it for another kit to take to work with me. After having a rummage through my stockpile, I dug out a Dragon 1/48th scale Messerschmitt Bf110D-1/R1.

A very nicely detailed kit that includes the engines and some etch. So far, I have only had a couple of short sessions on it at work so far, decided to start on the engines first and not follow the instruction sheet sequence of building. Still working on the first engine and I have had a few swearing outbursts because the instruction sheet for the engines does not clearly show where some parts are routed around the engine block. Once a bit more progress has been done on the Bf110, I will take some photos and start the WIP postings on here.

So happy modelling to you and catch you soon.


I will be at the IWM Duxford this Sunday for the MAFVA Nationals on the club stand. Pop along and say hello if you are there.

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