Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Messerschmitt Bf110 D-1/R1 "Dackelbauch" WIP #2

My last posting on this model was at the end of June and with all of the general comings and goings of family and work over the last couple of months, my attention has been diverted away from my modelling. This has caused me to fall behind on some projects like the magazine build of the Mercedes Benz G4 and this project. I have also had to start another project for the club to be completed by the end of September. So it is catch up time!

Well, over the last month, there has been the odd session spent on the 110 when I have had time sitting around at work. Some painting has been carried out on the model, this was done on the engines and the cockpit area. I have mainly used Mr Hobby paints with some Tamiya so far. Mind you, most of my RLM colours are from the Mr Hobby range of paints.

Back to the 110. Whilst the cockpit is being finished off with the painting, I have cracked on with the main wing assemblies. These wing went together without any trouble unlike some other aircraft that I have built. There is a couple of build options where the aerolons and various flaps are positioned, even with doing the modifications for these, it was still a pleasure to build them. With this kit, you must remember to refer back to the engine instruction sheet for the engine mountings and the general kit instructions does not have the engine mounting included.

The engines have only be dry fitted at this stage for the purpose of the photos, they still need some detail painting and weathering to be done to them yet. I plan to have the cowling removed on either one side or both, but this has not been decided on yet.

The main undercarriage gear on this model has a good bit of detail on it including the mechanism to lower and raise it. In these photos the gear still needs to be completed with a small part to be added at the bottom of the strut near the wheel. I will add this just before I start to paint the model to avoid them being damaged through handling.

This is one of the radiator assemblies for under the wings which I took a photo of before it was mounted into its position on the wing. The rear flap to adjust the airflow through the radiators can be posed in the open or closed position. 

The upper nose machine gun assembly has been assembled and painted ready to be fitted in the fuselage once I start assembling it. This only needs a little bit of weathering to finish it off.

The cockpit dash hand painted and dry-brushed. No decals for this kit, but I suppose you could use some Eduard pre-printed detailing items for this.

The main cockpit assembly went together without any problems, even when you divert away from the order of construction on the instruction sheet to aid with painting. At this stage I am about 70% done with the upper frame to be built and painted. The etched seat-belts still have to be assembled, bent to shape then painted before gluing to the seats. This job of the seat-belts will be done in my workshop rather then sitting in my truck cab. Once the cockpit is finished and the final weathering is done, the fuselage assembly can be started and then onto the main assembly of the aircraft before painting.

Progress on this project might be a little slow over the next couple of weeks as I have them away from work and I will need to concentrate on a couple of other ones for some deadlines. Plus there will be a few days when we will be doing some family stuff. So by the next instalment of this project, I hope the cockpit interior will be completed and the main fuselage assembly will be started. The main wings are almost finished since these photos were taken, the radiator on one still need to be made up and fitted to the wing, otherwise both main wings are built. 

Happy modelling.

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