Tuesday, 17 September 2013

36 Ford 5 Window Hot Rod WIP #1

This is a project that has been sitting in the box for about five years now, waiting for me to open it up and continue with the re-build. This model was part of a set of three built models I brought on EBay with the plan to re-build them, the other two are a 36 Ford convertible and a 40 Ford convertible. This 5 window model was originally painted pink. Yes, I did say pink! The whole model was stripped down to its components and with some help from Fairy Power Spray, the ghastly pink paint was removed.

The body was cleaned up , trim removed and sunroof filled in. I chose to repaint the body with Tamiya's Metallic Black which the main body has had done to it. The bonnet still needed to have some work done to it  and the interior was going to have some new seat fitted. That was as far as I got and the project was put on the sideline in a box on my "To Do" shelf.

Now up to the present day. Once the Mercedes G4 was finished and the Spitfire was nearing completion, I needed something that would be quick to finish and also a car. My 53 Chevy BelAir and 53 Ford Pick-Up have plenty of work to do to them, so this 36 Ford has seen the light of day again.

I took it to work one day last week and when through what was in the box. I dry fitted the body and suspension together to remind me of what it was going to look like, plus what needed to be done still. At this point, I decided to go ahead with what was sitting in the box and use the kits wheels. I had six sets of new wheels from Hoppin' Hydro on order, but was not expecting them to arrive from the States until October. The engine had a final clean-up whilst I was sitting there and then started to re-assemble the main block. The first two photos below were taken in my truck showing what stage I had got up to that day with the original kits wheels.

Today, that very nice postman we have, delivered a package that came from the States. Inside were the six sets of wheels which arrived a lot quicker then anticipated. So tonight, I had a little play with them and came to a choice between two combinations of wheels. The first are 20 inch rims all round which looked nice, but would need some disc brake mounted behind. As I want to finish this project quickly, I would not have the time to source some discs, convert and fit them to the axles.

My second choice was the Chrome Diamonds, of which I had brought in both 20 inch and 24 inch sets. These were the ideal rims for this model, especially with the Metallic Black paint job on the car. The rear is a the right height in my opinion, but the front could be a little bit lower, so some alterations to the front suspension will be done to correct this. I will need to get my lathe out to modify the spacing of the mounting hubs on the rear of the rims for the correct spacing when mounted on the suspension. They sit a bit too wide at the minute.

So that is where I am now. The bonnet and headlight bezels need priming and painting before them and the body get cleared. Some more work needs to be done to the chassis where the moulded exhaust was removed. So tonight, we will see what I get done.

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