Saturday, 28 June 2014

Opel Admiral Cabriolet SMMI Review Build WIP #4

As usual, time is a thing that everyone has periods which they are short of, and the last couple of months have been that. Work, illness and having to get DIY done on the house has put a lot on my modelling projects on the back burner. Now that the bulk of the DIY is now done, I really need to get this one finished and off to the magazine for publishing.

Work on the bodyshell made a slow progress over the last couple of weeks when I had a bit of spare time. The seats, folded roof, door panels and floor have all been painted followed be a couple of coats of either satin or matt clear on the appropriate areas. The tyres were superglued onto the wheel rims and then fitted onto the front and rear suspension assemblies, so now more wonky wheels. 

Last weekend, I decided to start covering the chrome trim with some BMF (Bare Metal Foil), but to my disgust, I could not find my half used pack of chrome foil in my workshop. After turning over the workshop on Monday looking for it without any success, I ordered two new packs from Hannants which arrived in the post yesterday. So last night to foil the trim on the dashboard and doors, then finished it off this morning. The two bonnet halve still need to be foiled, but they are hardening off after being cleared earlier today.

The next stage will be to finish adding all of the interior and the exterior trim followed by a little bit more painting to the body. Once this is done, the bodyshell will be finished and ready to be mounted onto the chassis. As for the chassis, I have a couple of little items to finish off before this in my eyes can be called completed. The last items that will be added to the model will be the chrome wheel trims, then the front and rear bumpers. All of the glazing will be the last items that I am going to fit to the model, mainly to prevent any paint or glue accidently getting onto the parts.

More updates sooner then later, I hope!