Monday, 8 December 2014

Goodbye Luton, hello Hemsworth

It has been a few weeks since I last posted on here, this was down to the family upping our roots and moving Northwards to West Yorkshire. We have now been here for two weeks now and we are slowly getting the new house sorted out.  Things have progressed to the stage where I have now started to set up my new modelling room.  One thing, it is smaller than my old room in the old house, but this was in the converted loft space giving me plenty of room to work on and display the built models. Best of all was the storage area for hiding my stockpile of kits. This might have to be writtled down a little bit now. 

Last week, I popped down to meet the local IPMS branch for Barnsley. I was made very welcome by all of them and we had a good laugh. I think I will enjoy myself with this bunch and hopefully a start of visiting some new shows. One thing I can say about this area is that we have been made welcome by everyone we have met and everybody is so friendly around here. 

Once I have got the new model room sorted out, I will post a couple of photos of it on here and then get back to some model building very soon. So, watch this space. 

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