Sunday, 1 February 2015

EE Lightning F.2A WIP#1

I think most aircraft model makers have a love of certain aircraft, well I do. These aircraft for me are the P-51 Mustang's, EE Canberra's, Spitfire's and EE Lightnings. In my stockpile of kits, I have several examples of these aircraft in a few different scales.

This project is the recent tooled Airfix 1/72nd scale Lightning F.2A, which is a lovely kit to build (so far). This has gone together without any major problems, the only one I have had with it is the fitting of the air intake into the fuselage nose. The intake needed a little sanding to be done so it would sit inside the nose without it pushing the fuselage halves apart. A few other parts needed a little sanding down to get a better fitment, but this will be found on a lot of kits, no matter what the age of the tooling.

I lacked to take any photos of the building proceed prior to these one, I just blame it on getting back into the swing of things after the house move and still doing the finishing touches to my new modelling room. Plus my modelling mojo is not full back on form yet to.

So, the story so far on the Lightning. The fuselage has been built up to painting stage with the pilot's seat left out until final assembly. Originally, I was going to us Alclad paints for the metal finish on the lower half of the fuselage, but decided to go with Mr Hobby's Silver instead. The green is Xtracrylix XA1001 RAF Dark Green then the model had a couple of coats of Johnsons Klear in preparation for the decals. This is the stage I am at now, adding the decals, which there is quite a few when you include the stencils that went on these aircraft. So that's where I am now with this project and I will update as it proceeds.

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