Monday, 23 March 2015

Mirror Models Diamond T 968A Cargo Truck WIP #6

The painting has now started and progressed at a good rate so far. I first gave the model a blow over with some Alclad grey primer microfiller through the airbrush. Once it had been left to dry for a couple of days, I started to give the model gradual coats of Mr Hobby's H78 Olive Drab. The cab interior was given its first coat before moving onto the chassis. On the chassis, I started spraying the engine working around the front half of the chassis then put it aside to dry before spraying the rear half. I next started painting the cargo body followed by the bonnet parts and any other item needing to be painted in Olive Drab. Now I went back to the cab and painted the outside of it, then continued with finishing the rear half of the chassis and final areas of the cargo body.

The wheels first had the tyre colour airbrushed and left overnight to dry. The next day, I measure the diameter of the wheel rims and then cut a paint mask out of a sheet of thick plastic. This is similar idea to the ready made masks that you can get for various armour models in 1/35th scale, but a very little cost, especially if the plastic cost you nothing in the first place. Then you simply hold the wheel behind the plastic mask only exposing the area to be painted, and just spray it. After you do the first side, put that wheel aside to dry and start on the next wheel, etc etc. Then once you finish all of the wheels, go back to the first one and repeat the process on the other side. This is a lot easier and quicker then cutting out multiple masks out of masking tape and carefully placing them on both sides of each wheel.

Now I am continuing on with the chassis getting all of the detail painting and weathering done to it. So far, the engine has been painted and grimed up along with the running gear. I have also started painting some mud colour on the tyres in preparation for adding the lumps of mud to them along with the chassis and body undersides.There is still a little more work to be done on the chassis yet before I move onto the detail painting of the cab and cargo body. A bit more grime is needed to be added to the chassis in general, then once the lumps of mud has been added to the required areas, a dusting over of the mud colour will be sprayed over the chassis and underside of the engine.


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