Saturday, 9 May 2015

F-15C Eagle WIP #1

Like a lot of you fellow modellers out there, I have several projects on-hold as to say. This is a right pain in the arse for me at times because they are just sitting there, in various boxes waiting for me to get them out, complete them and stick them on the shelf or cabinet. One thign I said to myself when we moved was to get as many of these on-hold projects finished as soon as I can. 

This Eagle is one of these projects which has been sitting there crying out to be finished, and after two plus years, I decided it was time to bring it out. This is an old Hasegawa 1/72nd scale kit of 1988 vintage. In general, the kit is okay and basically of the same quality as the F-15E Strike Eagle from Hasegawa  I build a few years back. Most of the construction work had been done, the fuselage and wings were all glued together with any gaps that needed filling. After getting the model out today, I added the tails and main  pylons to the wings and fuselage. I am just going to add the undercarriage bay doors to it next and then the model will be masked up ready for primer.

The model will be in the USAF grey scheme as that was the only option in the kit. But I am not sure what condition the kit decals are going to be in yet. But I do have a set of Two Bobs "Too Cool For School" decal sheet to use on the model instead. Now all I also need to do is find the container which has the exhaust and pilot seat in now!

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