Monday, 6 July 2015

Intro To The Minions!

If you visit the various model show around the country (the UK), you may have seen Minions figures on some of the club stands. A few of the members at my former club, Milton Keynes SMC, have made several of these figures and they have appeared on the stand at several shows they have attended. So a few months back I picked up a few produced by Retrokit for myself to build.

Judge Bananaaa!

This Minion figure is based on the Judge Dread character from 2000AD comics and the film by Sylvester Stallone. He is wearing the Judge's uniform and holding a banana in his right hand instead of a gun. The thing I liked about this figure is the sulky expression on his face, just like the character in the comic strip and film.


This figure is your classic Minion dressed in denim dungarees, but in his hands he is holding a fart gun. In my own opinion, I think he actually looks like Kevin from the movies.

I'll be Bananaaa!

The last one in my collection, so far, is the figure based on the Terminator character played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Complete with his leather jacket and large machine gun in hand, it was another one which jumped out and caught my attention. He is finished off with the skin damage on his head showing the metal plate of the skull showing through. 

These figure will be very easy to build as there is only three or four parts in each one, the hard work will be cleaning them up and painting them. These will be the first ones which I plan to collect, the range seems to keep changing each time I look.So expect to see a few more added after my visit to the Birmingham show in a few weeks time. But to keep your interest in Minions, here is a set I pick up whilst shopping last week standing on guard in front of a couple of my tanks.

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