Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Minion Attack! Wave One "Paaarp!" Finished

It is nice to have a project that takes little time to build and the same on the painting side to. After the last posting on this figure, all that needed to be done was a little filling around the arm joints and then he was ready for primer. I used Halfords white plastic primer covering all of the figures with a few light coats as not to fill in any of the detail.

I talked to a modelling friend of mine, Tim Upson-Smith, as he had already built a Minion about the colour he used for the body. He said he used Tamiya yellow which was lightened with some white. So I started with four parts of Tamiya XF-3  to one part of Tamiya XF-2 then put a dab on a piece of plastic. I compared this to some images of the Minions and thought it was too dark. So I kept adding a bit more white until I thought it was close enough. The mix ended up being a 50/50 mix of both colours. This was airbrushed over all of the exposed body areas of the figures.

The remaining painting was done by brush using Revell Aquacolor, Mr Hobby, Tamiya and Vallejo paints. The dungarees were painted using Revell 56 matt blue, then drybrushed with the same blue slightly lightened with a dab of white. This gave a worn/faded effect on them. Once the painting was finished, I touched up any of the yellow with the spare paint I had mixed in the bottle for future Minion figures I plan to buy. The lower lip of the figure was highlighted using an umber wash from Vallejo's Game Color range.

For the first Minion I have built, he was fun to do and I am glad I brought three of them to start with. The wife has said I am Minion obsessed. So what, they are great little characters, a joy to watch in the films and always put a smile on mine and others faces.

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