Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Minion Attack! Wave Three "Judge Bananaaa" Start To Finish

I have posted the WIP and finished figure photos together in the one post this time. Due to the speed these figures took to build and paint, there was not really much time to do WIP posts during their build.

Unlike the other two Minion figures, this one came with resin pins moulded into the arms. I was debating whether to replace them with wire pins, but after having a good poke at them, I stayed with the resin one. Once the arms were glued on, any excess glue and gaps were dealt with before giving him a few coats of primer. The "Judge" shield was left off at this stage to be added at the end once everything was painted.

Painting was the same as the previous two figures, using Tamiya, Revell Aquacolor, Mr Hobby and Vallejo paints. Looking on the internet at images of Judge Dredd, it was hard to tell what colour the judge's uniform was. They ranged from black, to dark blue through to various shades of grey depending on if the source was a comic strip, cartoon or one of the movies. So I used Midnight Blue from Mr Hobby for the uniform as it was more a compromise of all of the variations of the different Judge Dredd's out there. Carmine red was used around the helmet edge before giving the uniform a coat of matt varnish and the helmet a coat of satin.

The badges, chains and shoulder plates were painted with Mr Metal Color gold, then buffed up once it was dry. To age and highlight the detail on these gold parts, I used a sepia wash for this job.The banana which he is holding was painted with Tamiya's matt yellow with the ends painted matt black. The dark lines on the banana were created using the umber wash, but just brushed along the lengths where the skin segments join up.

The expression on his face has made this my favourite out of the three figures I have so far. So which ones are next? I think the next figures will be the Clint Eastwood cowboy and Wolverine character figures. But this depends on what I find at the Birmingham show this weekend. Keep a look out on here and see what happens.

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