Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Minion Attack! Wave Two "I'll Be Bananaaa" Finished

Minion number two finished, the Terminator returns to terrorize us. 

"Why has he got metal and blood in his head?"

This is what Kyran, my grandson asked me when he saw this figure. So then I told him about the Terminator films and showed him some photos of Arnie from the first film, explaining that he was a robot covered with human flesh. I still do not think he still understands it!

Now back to this figure. I basically used the same range of paints that were used on the "Paaarp!" figure. The main colour used was black for the coat, trousers and boots. Various metal finish paints were used for areas like the skull, gun, zips and shotgun cartridges. I decided to take a different path on the eyes compare to the image on the packet. The damaged eye was painted with Mr Hobby's steel colour and finished with a red dot in the centre. I thought it would look more like the damaged Terminator from the film where you see the exposed electronic eye on it. I am glad I did it this way.

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