Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Ferrari F40 "Blackstar" WIP #3

Finally, I have got the engine finished. It took a little longer then I had planned, but we can blame Microsoft and our shower cubical for that. Spent half of last week sorting out the upgrade to Windows 10 on our laptops, one decided to not work afterwards, the rest was late finishes at work and re-tiling the shower after some tiles came loose in it. But setting those hold ups aside, the engine came out okay.

The colours of the engine are from what the instructions said they were. In general, the engine is slightly different from the photos of the ones found in the production cars I have seen, so this would be expected as it was one of the prototype cars built. The whole engine has been given a wash over using Vallejo's Game Color washes, black on the engine with sepia over the exhaust system. I just need to do a little more over the front pipework and pulley system to tone them down a bit.

As for the finish result, it is a shame that I have to put it in the car. It would make a lovely model by itself mounted on a stand, but it has to go into the car. Before this happens, I will take some photos with my camera to use on the website once the car is finished. Next, finish the main chassis construction and get it painted. Until next time, happy modelling.

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