Friday, 25 September 2015

Ferrari F40 "Blackstar" WIP #7

What a busy week it has been. The chassis and interior on the F40 are both completed now. Just spending that little bit extra on the seats putting the rounded off edges has made the difference on them in this scale. As you can see in the following photos, the seats had three extra holes drilled for the seat belts to go through as in a 5 point harness set up. But I have only installed 4 point harnesses on the model just as you find on the real F40's. 

For mounting the harnesses in the model, I have made some anchor loops out of wire and fitted them behind the seats on the bulkhead and the floor either sides of the seats. For securing the belts to these loops, I made a set of buckles to hook onto these from some plasticard. They are not perfect and if there were some etched ones available, I would have got them. But they are passable and not in clear view of anyone looking at the model. There seems to be more aftermarket items available for 1/12th and 1/20th scale cars then 1/16th, which is a shame due to the amount of models available in this scale.

Well, back to the F40. As you can see, the chassis is all completed and I am just waiting for the body to be finished off. I have started to clear it now, but it still needs a few more coats before I am happy with it. But I have decided to have a short break from it for a week. So I have dug out two of the great Airfix Mustangs in 1/72nd scale and build them side by side. I will post about these two tomorrow.

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