Friday, 2 October 2015

F-51D & P-51D Dual Build WIP #3

Yesterday I posted about the finished RAF P-51 from this dual build, today I am going to bring you up to date with the F-51. The first photos below were taken a few days back after the model had been sprayed with the Alclad. First, the model was given a coat of Airframe Aluminium before a few panels were sprayed with dark aluminium, dull aluminium and duraluminium. The model was then sprayed with Alclad's gloss clear and once dry, maske off the top of the fuselage sprying it with matt black and then the wing and tail tips to spray them yellow.

Up to tonight. Whilst I am writing this update, I am applying the decals to the Mustang. As the decals are either soaking or softening on the model from the Microsol, my fingers are tapping away at the keyboard. There are a few more decals on this model compared to the RAF Mustang, so the USAF markings are going on first before the stencils get added. 

Normally, when I build military aircraft, I would weather them to represent an in-service aircraft. This was my original plan for both of these Mustangs, until I saw how good the metal finish on this Mustang looked. That was when I decided to build this one as a preserved flying example. On this model, I will just do the minimal bit of weathering, like around the exhausts and other areas that they might get some grime on a flying preserved aircraft. So I will be looking at some photos online to see what can be done on this model.

So, here are a couple more photos I took a little while ago this evening showing the stage she is at now.

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