Thursday, 22 October 2015

"Welcome Aboard" Dr Who's Tardis

Our grandson Kyran, is Dr Who mad. So a couple of years ago, I brought Airfix's "Welcome Aboard" kit of Dr Who's tardis with the figures of Dr Who and Martha Jones. I started to build it a while back, but due to other things and the house move, it was put on the shelf and forgot about. Anyhow, after a little moan from the wife telling me that it needs to be finished, I got it down and dusted it off.

The truth is, there was not really much left to do on it. Only a little detail painting, gluing the interior in place and the door/front panel, and the telephone and door handles. I gave everything a wash to weather the interior and exterior to finish it off before adding the stickers to the exterior. 

The only problem I got with the tardis is the roof not sitting properly on it. This has the batteries, sound unit and flashing beacon, hence needing to be removable. So I will see if there is anything I can do to help it sit properly and still be able to lift it off to change the batteries. If not, I have see others that have been converted to an external battery pack with the wires running from the roof, down behind the interior and through a hole in the floor. This was the roof can be glued in position and sit properly.

Below is a little video showing the tardis's sound and light function working when you open and close the door.

Now, I am in the middle of building and painting the figures. I am using a mixture of the paints supplied with the kit and ones from my normal stock of paints. The kit paints are mainly the ones for painting Martha, as these seem to be non-general stock Humbrol paints that you normally get in a shop. I have chosen my own colours for painting the Dr's clothes just to make it a little different from the ones I have seen at shows. My biggest challenge will be when I start to paint the faces and other areas of bare skin. This is not my strongest area of modelling!

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