Sunday, 22 November 2015

Website Updates

I have just added the photos of my P-47M Thunderbolt, 96 Chevrolet Blazer and Monty's Humber models to my website.

P-47M Thunderbolt

96 Chevrolet Blazer

Monty's Humber

More photo galleries will be added over the next few weeks as they are created. I do have a back log of models to be uploaded on to my website.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Atlantic Fleet Squadrons F-14A Tomcat WIP #1

I have been debating on what to do next. Shall I start on the SWS P-51 Mustang? Or shall I finish off another old project?

Well, I have decided to go for the latter and dug old this Hasegawa 1/48th scale F-14A Tomcat. I picked this up at in the kitswap at Telford a few years back. It had already been started to the point of part of the main fuselage and wings were assembled. The flaps had been glued in the close position along with the airbrakes on the tail. So that was a little disappointment. Generally, it has been built to an okay standard. Some of the things that have been done by the person that started her are not what I would have done, but this is the risk you take when buying second-hand, part built kits. All I can do is try and rectify some of these things, the ones I cannot, will have to stay as they are.  

So far, I have assembled the seats, the main undercarriage bays, part of the undercarriage and the deflectors in the air intakes. So now it is time to get her finished. Some of the panel lines have filler in them, so these need cleaning out and a couple of areas need repairing or cleaning up from glue marks. The next stage of building will be painting and building the air intakes before fixing them to the fuselage. I also need to redo some of the filling in a couple of places on the fuselage, they have not been done properly.

"Welcome Aboard" Dr Who's Tardis - Final Installment

It has been a little busy over the last couple of weeks, most of it was not modelling related though. But I managed my goal to get the figures for the Tardis all finished and ready for the IPMS(UK) Nationals at Telford last weekend. It was a little tight towards the end, but the figure were both painted and finished the weekend before the show.

I used a mixture of the paints supplied with the kit and some of the many paints I have to choose from in my stock. The best was I found to apply the Airfix kit paints was to slightly thin the paints and build it up in several layers. Both figures were primed with Vallejo's surface primer, especially for the vinyl parts on them. The Airfix acrylic paint seemed to take to this primer okay and dry without any issues.

Both of the figures has a piece of brass wire inserted into the heals of one of their feet. This was to allow them to stand on the base without the need to glue them onto it. The other reason is to allow them to be removed and pack them away for transportation to a show. The base that they are on at the moment is an old one I had lying around, I just drilled a couple of small holes to stick the wire in to stand the figures up.