Sunday, 24 January 2016

F4 Corsair Diorama WIP #3

Painting on the Corsair's has continued over the last few days, with the first two stages of the scheme shown in the first four photos below. The white was done first and masked off using blutac and masking tape, before spraying the next areas in intermediate blue. Masking was then removed ready to re-mask for the navy blue final areas. As the transition between the intermediate blue and navy blue were straight edges, masking was carried out with just masking tape alone cutting out disc's for the curved portions above the main wings. 

The navy blue is finished on both of the aircraft and the next stage is to gloss clear both models before adding the decals to them. Once the decals are finished, another coat of clear will be applied before a bit more weathering is done and the pre-shading is touched up. Once this is all done, a couple of coats of matt clear then on to some detail painting.

One part of this project that I have not spoke about is the base for the diorama. This has been a little problem trying to work out how to do it. First it needed to be a carrier deck, second it had to house the battery pack underneath it and thirdly the models would need to be removable from it. So since I re-started on this project, I had been looking around to see what carrier deck bases were available. Some were very nice, one a combination of etch, wood and plastic. But I would have need to buy two of these costing nearly £40, which was too much in my opinion for this project. So I opted for the Eduard plastic USN WWII carrier deck which was big enough to get both Corsair's and the tug on it. Now I have got to make a wooden plinth for it to sit on and house the battery pack and switch for the motorised Corsair.

So it is time to get the airbrush out and clear both of the Corsair's. An update will be posted later this week.

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