Saturday, 2 April 2016

EE Lightning F1 WIP #1

As mentioned in my last post on the Corsair's, I have had a couple of other project on the go to keep me busy. The first is the Airfix 1/48th scale Lightning which I brought myself during an exploring visit to a model shop in Doncaster over Christmas. My plan was to be starting on my 1/24th scale Mosquito after the Corsair's were finished, but I was not in the right frame of mind to do it, plus this Lightning kit kept calling out to be started.

Unfortunately, I have not done many WIP photos of the build so far, an oversight I am afraid. Her present stage of build is that she will be ready to start painting very soon, this will be in natural metal with a black spine and tail. I will be using Alclad of cause on the model, think it is the best to work with and apply.

The model is being built straight out of the box, I will be adding some seat belts to the cockpit as there are not any moulded onto the seat. Whilst I was assembling the main undercarriage section, it was noticed that there was not any location points or mountings for the retraction mechanism in the bays. So, after looking at some photos, I scratch-built a couple brackets to fit inside the bays, but have them already mounted on to the gear. This will make painting them easier and mounting to the wings would be quicker.

Nose weight has been added to the inside of the air intake, as par the instructions. But this is usually not enough as I have found in the past, so I have added three lumps of white metal behind the cockpit tub to make sure there is enough. I have now just got a bit more to do on the fuselage before I prime her up and check it over for any problems. Then on with the black base coat and the various shades of Alclad that I will use on her.

Alongside my finished 1/72nd scale F.2 Lightning

The scratch-built gear retractor brackets

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