Monday, 11 April 2016

Land Rover 7 Ambulance WIP #2

After a quiet weekend with doing family stuff and not visiting the workshop, I thought it was an opportunity to bring you up to date with the Land Rover before chaos resumes on the workbench!

I gave the decals a couple of coats of liquid decal film, but used the kit number decal as a tester without the liquid film on it. This tester stayed in one piece, which was a surprise for a kit this age but showed the quality of the decals Tamiya supplied with the kit in the first place. But I was glad that I did use the film as the was the start of a crack in the large cross which went on the roof.

Now that I was happy with the condition of the decals, I proceeded with applying them on the whole model. I first got the "No Smoking" sign inside laid down, forgetting to give the area for it a coat of gloss clear. But it has gone down okay and not shown any signs of lifting.

I got the remaining red crosses on to the body first, as they were the largest of the remaining decals and I wanted to be ready just in case they decided to break up.  But they all behaved themselves and went down okay. The decal on the rear doors had to be cut into three, so I taped the doors and step shut, applied the decals and then cut it once it was dry. Once the crosses were all done, I continued with the rest of the decals to finish them off.

One little problem that I noticed with the decals was on the number plates and i.d. numbers was that the white background was misaligned to the black foreground, hence not showing the letters and numbers clearly. But that can be hidden with a little weathering towards the end of the build. Another thing was that Tamiya only supplied the tyre pressure stencils for one side of the model. These would have been on both sides so I will have to sort something out for this.

The following photos show rear doors and step going from the open to the closed positions. 

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