Saturday, 20 August 2016

EE Lightning F1 Finished

The Lightning is finished and I am happy, well, very pleased with the final result. There was a few little hiccups along the way with her, of which a couple of the corrections have effected the end look. But this was only built for fun and not for entering into competitions.

The model has had some light weathering done to her including a dirt wash using Promodeller/Flory Models dark dirt wash. Once the final assembly was done, I finished off with a dusting of my grime mix through the airbrush along the leading edges, etc.

Would I build another Lightning in this scale? I don't know yet. The main problem is the size of her in 1/48th, which is also making me think about the four Canberra's I also have in this scale. If I did do another, then I might try one of the trainers that Sword Models do. I already have both the T.4 and T.5 from them in 1/72nd scale, so one of their 1/48th scale Lightnings might have to slip its way in.

Thought I  would also show how the resin ejector seat looked like before I fitted it in place. It was given an initial coat of Tamiya semi-gloss black first, then finished off using Vallejo paints. The decals which went on the kit seat were used on the resin seat to finish it off.

Any comment or questions about this model will be welcomed.

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