Tuesday, 16 August 2016

McLaren F1 WIP #1

I needed something to do during my down time at work again, so I dug out this Aoshima McLaren F1 kit. It was not a fresh start, I had already begun drilling out the holes in the disc brakes (a laborious task!) using a pin vise. So this process was finished off before proceeding with the rest of the model. 

The chassis had the suspension assembled and fixed to it and checked for alignment. The bodyshell now had any mould lines removed and blemished dealt with. Aoshima had managed to keep most of the mould lines along the edges and only a few crossing the exposed areas of panels. 

The doors were also cleaned up and the model was test assembled to see it there was any issues to be dealt with. The first thing that I did not really like was the tyres on the model. The rear ones especially look a bit too large profile compared to the real car, so I will be changing this with some resin aftermarket wheels. I also noticed a couple of sink marks on the door upper surfaces, these will need filling. This kit has the option of having the doors open or closed, so I need to decide if I have one, both or none open on the model.

Now jump a week or so, the bodyshell has been sorted out and doors had the sink marks filled and sanded. A decision on the doors was also made and I opted to open just the right hand door and fitted the mounting points to enable this to happen. The final bits and pieces were sorted out to bring the model up to the stage of painting. So at this point, I will have to put the project on pause until the Lightning is done and another little project is finished for an upcoming show. Now, what colour do I paint this? This is the next decision to make on the McLaren!

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