Tuesday, 18 October 2016

D.H. Vampire T.11

This is another quick build I have done over the last couple of months. This new tooling Vampire T.11 from Airfix is a beautiful kit to build. From what I believe, the marking for this aircraft is meant to be of RAF 239OCU, my father old unit from the late 1950's. So I have decided to try and build one of each type of aircraft from this era of the unit. The Vampire is readily available complete with these marking, now I just need to get a Meteor T.7, plus a Hunter T.7 and F.6 to complete the line up.

This model was built straight out of the box and painted using Xtracolor High Speed Silver. I also added some seat belts inside using thin blue masking tape. "Blue" I hear you say, but I have seen both blue and beige seat belts in these Vampires in different photographs. A little unusual for me, I did not weather this model, or will not any of the other three aircraft. These training unit aircraft always seemed to be kept nice and clean from the photographs that I have seen.

So now, I just need to track down the other aircraft I need for this little project. The Meteor is currently available, but the Hunters might be a little more awkward to find.

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