Thursday, 29 December 2016

Honda CB750-F Finished

Sorry for the delay in updating on this project, even though it was finished at the beginning of the month, but bathroom refit has taken priority over updating my blog and other things. 

Well, the response I have had over the colour that I did the Honda in has been amazing. So I was glad that I did not go with doing it in a factory colour and trod the path of the candy paint instead. This Alclad candy paint was so much easier to use than the other candy paints I have in my stock of paints. I will definitely be using it on my McLaren F1 when I start to paint it, possibly with a little twist to it to! Anyhow, back to the Honda.

In the last post of this project, I was in the stages of final assembly and detail painting. The front mudguard was stripped and resprayed without any trouble matching the shade of the candy (sigh of relief). Once the final painting was finished, final assembly continued to complete the model. Mounting the exhaust system caused a few little alignment issues, but these were overcome with a little playing around with their positions. Apart from that, the final construction stage passed like a dream. I was initially thinking about adding heat stains to the exhaust down pipes, but I passed on this idea opting to have the Honda as a showroom example that had never been ridden.

In all, this is a great kit from Tamiya, the first of the motorbike kits I have built from them. I am not into the modern style of bikes, my era is the 1970's through to 1990's, but I also like bikes from the 50's and 60's to. There are a few more motorbike kits in my stash, including a couple of Vincent Black Shadows. So the is still scope to try a couple more of the Tamiya bike kits yet. It is strange. In all my years of model building, I have only ever built four motorbikes. This Honda, the Harley Davidson Heritage Soft-tail and in my teenage years, the large scale Honda CB750 that Airfix used to produce and Barry Sheene's Suzuki RGA500 Grand Prix bike from the 1970's. This will need to be expanded.

So, below are some photographs of the finished Honda before I added the number plate to it. After the photos is a short video taken on my phone of the model spinning on my turntable.

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