Finished Aircraft Models

Here are a few of my completed aircraft models.

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Kit: Airfix P-51D Mustang
Scale: 1/24th
Detailing: Out of box

This is the old Airfix kit from 1972, of which the tooling is showing its age now. With a bit of work in cleaning up the parts and filling the gaps, it still produces a nice model. If you make the extra effort and add aftermarket detailing accessories or scratch-build them, the model can step up to another level.

For more details and other photographs of this model, visit my website.

P-51D Mustang Gallery

Kit: Airfix EE Canberra PR.9
Scale: 1/72nd
Detailing: Out Of Box

This model was base on XH135 of 39 (1 PRU) Squadron in July 2006 just after returning from its final deployment in Afghanistan prior to retirement from service. The aircraft is halfway through the removal of the ARTF Grey paint back to the RAF Hemp scheme. She was displayed at the RAF Waddington Air Show in this condition.

The model was built straight out of the box and Xtracrylix paints were used to paint the model. The decals are the ones supplied with the kit.

Canberra PR9 XH135 Gallery

Kit: Revell Antonov AN-124
Scale: 1/144th
Detailing: Out Of Box

If you like a challenge and don't mind putting lots of decals on a model, then this the kit for you. This model was part of a club project where the members built a 1/144th scale civilian aircraft for the clubs display at the IPMS(UK) Nationals in Telford.

The general construction of the model was okay. I opted to build it with the nose and rear doors open, but it was discovered if you plan to build it with the nose shut, modifications are needed to the fuselage as it is wider then the nose section. Even in this scale, it is a large model compared to other civilian aircraft in this scale. Just to put it into concept, it is larger then a 1/72nd scale HP Victor.

Depending on the livery you use, this one uses over 700 separate decals with 258 on each of the main wings. But once finished, it is worth the effort and pulling out of hair during the feat.

Antonov AN-124 Gallery

Kit: Academy Lockheed SR-71A Black Bird

Scale: 1/72nd
Detailing: Out Of Box

I built a model of the SR-71 Black Bird when I was a teenager, but this disappeared soon after I moved out of my fathers house in my late teens. Since I got back into model-building, I always promised to get myself another Black Bird kit and this year I finally got around to it.

This is the recent re-released Academy 1/72nd scale kit, even though I was tempted with the Testor 1/48th scale kit at the same time, but sense prevailed at that time. This was built over a couple of weeks, mainly for the clubs monthly competition. The general construction passed without any trouble and minimal filling, etc. Even though the aircraft was called the Black Bird, it was not Black. In fact it was a very, very dark Blue, almost Black in colour. With seeing the example at IWM Duxford, I chose to use Revell's Tar Black paint to spray the fuselage with, as this seemed to be the closest match to it. After painting, there was a couple of minor issues with the decals. The Red bands between the engines and fuselage were the wrong shape at the ends. So these were cut and turned around to correct.

Lockheed SR-71A Gallery

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