Finished Armour Models

Here are a few of my completed armour models.

Kit: Skybow M41 A3 Walker Bulldog Light Tank
Scale: 1/35th
Detailing: Out of box

A great kit that when I first opened the box, it could be seen that the quality of the moulding was very good. General construction passed without any problems and there was minimal cleaning of the parts. After the main painting was done, a rolled up tarpaulin was draped along one side of the model as I had seen in some photographs. The weathering was copied from a photograph of one based in Korea.

For more details on this model, visit my website.

Kit: HobbyBoss M4 A3 Sherman
Scale: 1/48th
Detailing: Out of box

This HobbyBoss kit produces a nice model once completed. Supplied with the kit, an etched detailing sheet which parts like the headlight guards, etc. which are a a bit more sturdy then plastic ones. This kit is a WWII version, but I also have a Korean War example to build too.

The base was scratch-built using a sheet of MDF with the terrain built up using thick plastic sheets covered by DIY repair plaster. Various materials used in model railways was used to finish it off.

Kit: Dragon M1 Panther 2 Mine Detecting & Clearing Vehicle
Scale: 1/35th
Detailing: Eduard etched detailing set, Dragon figures and Tamiya equipment set

A labour of love this project was, with a few swear words thrown in along the way. The Eduard etched detailing set was used on this model, because the kit had opening doors on the rear, but this left an empty hole. The etched set supplied the rear panel behind these doors along with all of the other grills, louvres, handles, etc. The figures are Dragon's US Tank Crew set and the bags, boxes, camp beds, etc. came from Tamiya's Modern US Military Equipment set.

The Panther was weathered to match one in a photograph taken in Iraq, with the base made from MDF, Foamlux, ballast and other various items. The dog came from the Tamiya set and was modified to have him cocking his leg.

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