Tuesday, 6 December 2011

BAe Hawk T1 WIP #4

Now that the Intruder is finished, I can get back to work on the Hawk and hopefully have it finished in two weeks. That is the deadline for this one, as it's for the clubs monthly competition for this month.

So last night was the first bit of work I have done to the model for over two weeks now. Here's the run down of what got done. First, I gave the undercarriage doors another coat of RAF Light Aircraft Grey on their inside surfaces. Next will be to mask these faces and paint the outside surfaces Black. The wheel centre also received a coat of the Grey along with the gear receiving a second coat too. The night was finished off by completing the decals down one side of the fuselage. Now there is only half of the other side left to do and the underneath before a final coat of Gloss Clear to seal them.

Building wise, there is not really much left to do on it. The undercarriage bays will have to be painted before final assembly, but this won't take too long to do. Mainly what's left is painting and adding decals, so fingers crossed, I might get it done in time.

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