Sunday, 11 December 2011

Kyran's Kazon Fighter WIP #2

Well, as expected, I've been left with the task of building this for Kyran. Mind you, he does want to do the painting side of this model, so that's one bonus. But he'll have to wait until all of the prep work is done first.

So to bring you up to date with this build. All of the construction work is done on the model, this did not take that long to do. The time consuming work is sorting out the joint lines, gaps and strengthening some joints. This has taken me longer to do getting to this point then building it. Still got a bit more filling to do on it before it gets a coat of primer. 

The instruction state to paint the model with a mix of colours, but the box shows it as a single colour over most of the hull. What I'm going to do is let Kyran spray it with some Tamiya Copper all over. Then we can pick out various panels similar to the instructions.

Here's a couple of new photos of the model.

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