Friday, 30 December 2011

M2A2 Bradley WIP #11

Well, onto the next stages of building the base for the Bradley. 

After leaving the glue to dry for a few hours yesterday afternoon, the base was turned over and shook to allow any loose ballast to fall into the box. This was returned to its container for further use. The base was checked over for any bare patches, of which there was none. I then removed the masking tape from around the base bottom and cleaned up any glue and ballast that slipped under it.

I quickly place the Bradley model onto the base to get an idea of how it was going to look with them both together. This also checks for any bumps that might need adjusting.

Now into the spraybooth. First I laid down a few coats of the Iraqi Sand colour for the overall colour of the sandstone chips. Once I was happy with the coverage of this colour, a quick blast with a hairdryer on a low setting, was done to help reduce the drying time of the paint. Then the normal sand colour was used to highlight the raised areas on the base. This sand colour is a bit lighter then the Iraqi Sand colour, so is ideal for this job.

The final stages of the base build was to then tone down the general area with a little dirt colour. This is my own mix of paint using various browns from the Tamiya range. I keep this pre-thinned in a bottle ready for use in an airbrush to save having to mix a new batch up each time. I concentrated two lines for basically where several tanks/vehicles have been parked over time in this spot. Then a light general misting was done over the rest of the base to reduce the brightness of the highlighted areas. Finally, the base edge was finished off with some black paint, the pre-mixed kind in bottles for children to use.

So that is the base finished and all I have left to do is finish the figure off with the alice packs and his rifle. This will be the last update for this project and the next post will be for the completed project, hopefully tomorrow night.