Monday, 26 December 2011

M2A2 Bradley WIP #8

Just a little update on this project.

I added the decals that were printed off. The black inverted V's and badge went on without any trouble, I did mess one of the V's up but it was a good job I printed three sets off. The trouble was when I went to apply the ID plates to the model. These were a bit transparent mainly due to the editing of the image and being printed on clear paper. My first thought was to reprint the plates on white paper. But then I decided to try using the ones already printed off.

I opted to lay the ID plate decals over a piece of white paper already in position on the model. So some measuring of the plates was done and five white panels were measured out onto the white decal paper then cut out. First I laid the white panel in position on the model then whilst still wet, laid the printed ID plate on the clear paper over the top of it.

After doing the first one, I looked at it and thought it was a little faint. But after a few minutes thinking about it, that will be ideal for a worn look. Anyhow, with a bit of weathering to the model, it would be faded anyway. So I continued with the other five plates to finish this stage of the model. Now to get started on weathering the Bradley and the final details on it.

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