Sunday, 18 December 2011


It's amazing how time flies by, I have not done any work on this project for a week now whilst at work, other things occupied my time when parked up. So tonight I realised there had not been any updates posted on the progress so far since the last one.

Now, the other mud splash guard has been fitted to the hull along with the parts that will be painted in the same colour as the hull will be. I noticed whilst taking these photos, that one of the headlights has been knocked off in the box, so a quick rummage around is needed to find it. The etched grills over the air intakes have been added to. The etching on these are very nice and are a great touch compared to the injected plastic parts in the kit. There is a long section of channel that sits above the air intakes, not sure what they are for yet, so some more research needed. One side is mounted on its etched supports and the other one is still in the progress of construction prior to fitting.

It should not be too long before painting starts on the hull, there is only a few more parts to go onto it. Items like tools and the barrel cleaning equipment will be fitted after painting. Mind you, the next major construction work on this is about to start, that is the tracks. My past experience with Dragon's "Magic Track" was not a good one. It was on my M1 Panther 2 Mine Detecting & Clearing Vehicle, they did not stay together when assembled. In the end, I had to glue them together in sections and fit them in position on the hull. After I did this, a friend told me about some aftermarket tracks I could have used instead. So we will see how these ones go together over the next couple of weeks. I must remember to keep the two sets separate as they are handed left and right.

The figures also need to be made up. This I do not mind, but it is the painting of their faces I still need to master. A little help in the form of some lessons from David Scott down my club might be required for this. So here are a few photos I have just taken showing the progress so far. Oh yes, and I need to stick the hull in a plastic box whilst taking it to work with me. Now where is that headlight!

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