Monday, 16 April 2012

49 Mercury Custom WIP #3

Progress has been a bit slow on this project over the last few weeks. So over the weekend I thought it was time to catch up on the project. The chassis was finished with the clean up on it and had the front and rear suspension fitted. After some primer, it was given a couple of coats of Mr Hobby's Metal Black. This seemed to be an appropriate colour to go with the planned body colour I am going to use.

The bodyshell and lower body section were given a coat of primer to show up any scratches or sink marks on them. The only part that had any problems was the underside of the bonnet where the four ejector pin marks still showed. The underside was given a couple of coats of the chosen body colour, just to see how it looked. I am doing the car in Palladium Silver which I brought to do my Mercedes Benz McLaren SLR 722 edition in, but I decided to use it up on this model as it was evaporating from the container. I think the colour has changed slightly, but this will be not trouble on this project.

The bonnet has had the pin marks refilled with Mr Surfacer 500 and wet sanded, then received another coat of primer tonight. The bodyshell has been wet sanded already and will be sprayed once the bonnet is ready too.

I decide to paint the engine block and transmission in Metallic Blue, as I think this will also go with the body colour. Now it is onwards with the engine building, painting and detailing getting that completed so I can put it aside for safety. So here are a few new photos of this projects progress until the next instalment.

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